Demand Justice for Aberdeen Students

I have written an email to (Principle and Vice Chancellor of Aberdeen University) demanding that action be taken against senior staff member Angus Donaldson for his documented assault against several students.

Here is a copy:

“Hi Mr Diamond,

I am writing to you to demand the immediate termination of the role of Angus Donaldson after his assault on several students during the occupation. Need you be reminded – this occupation occurred because you sent out a completely false email declaring the strikes to be over. Before this, you had declared a 100% deduction in pay of lecturers who refused to rearrange their lectures.

This is not an issue that can be swept under the rug or falsely portrayed like it has been by the BBC. Hundreds of thousands of people across the UK and the globe will be made aware of the atrocious behaviour by senior members of staff at this university.

I suggest you take action. ”

Feel free to copy and paste this or send your own version to his email (

Alternatively, if you are a student or lecturer at Aberdeen and have the time and energy – join the occupation or picket-lines for the UCU Strike Action.

Let him know we won’t stand for what has happened over the past week.

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