Violence from Senior Staff at the University of Aberdeen

It seems like not enough people have heard about this, so here goes.

This is a link to a video of a member of staff assaulting several students at the University of Aberdeen. This was NOT adequately covered by ANY of the media – and instead it was alleged that the police were called as a consequence of student action.

This is not true.

You can’t keep believing everything you hear. You can’t pretend the years of propaganda and media bias are over – they are happening as we speak.

Students and staff have been striking for 14 days now, which escalated to a full occupation after an email in which Ian Diamond lied about the strikes being over and an arrangement having been reached before discussions had even taken place.

This was after the university had planned to dock 100% of pay from lecturers (…/studentssupp…/writetotheprincipal/).

IS it too much to ask to go to a university that doesn’t assault its students? Is it too much to ask that the man who barged a group of protestors be fired from his overpaid position?

IS it too much to ask that we don’t get lied to by the authorities at this university?

IS it too much to ask for open action against bigots at this establishment?

Our university is over 400 years old – and for what? For lies and assault and constant let downs?

I love my course and I love my lecturers – but not enough to sit back in silence and watch people campaigning for decent pay get literally assaulted and be blamed for it by the BBC and other platforms.

Let people all over the country and the world see this video and act in outrage against the members of senior management who are responsible.

(For more info, see:…/students-wont-fall-for-divi…)

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